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BBC logo (7th May 2009)
"Missile data found on hard drives "
Security Management Logo
(29th July 2008)
"Laptop Stolen; 72,000 at Risk of Identity Theft"
Gartner Logo
(29th July 2008)
"35 million PCs will be dumped into landfill"
Times Online Logo
(29th Jan 2008)
"Thousands of confidential patient records lost" Logo
(13th Feb 2007)
"FBI reports on missing laptops and weapons"
The Register Logo
(9th Feb 2007)
"UK PC disposal is rubbish" Logo
(7th Feb 2007)
"Enterprises failing to wipe old PC drives"
ZDNet Logo
(15th Dec 2006)
"Disposing tech gear the IT way"
Search Security Logo
(22nd Nov 2006)
"Discarded hard drives can be dangerous"
Network World Logo
(2nd Nov 2006)
"Average data breach costs companies $5 million"
Computer World Security Logo
(16th Oct 2006)
"Data loss widespread at government agencies"
Dark Reading Logo (16th Oct 2006)
"Data destruction, at your disposal" Logo
(2nd Oct 2006)
"Tac Airport worker information missing"
The Register Logo
(13th Sept 2006)
"Europe may mandate data breach notification"
CIO Insight Logo
(7th Sept 2006)
"Security Breaches Strike One in Three Companies"
BBC logo
(14th Aug 2006)
"Dangers of second-hand PC market"
Dark Reading Logo
(11th Aug 2006)
"Second-hand drives yield first-class data"
Mac World Logo
(8th May 2006)
"Utility’s disk drives and data sold on eBay"
ABC News Logo
(6th Jan 2006)
"Is America exporting a huge environmental problem?"
The Register Logo
(25th Jan 2005)
"Londoners top world in leaving laptops in taxis"
The Register Logo
(3rd Sept 2004)
"Old PCs are goldmine for data thieves"