Frequently Asked Questions
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Q My Computer will not start & I need to access files
A Do not try to start the computer ring us on 07541 518 800 right away
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Q Windows starts but I Can't see my Hard Drives that have important files I need to use
A Shut down the computer and ring us right away on 07541 518 800
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Q I accidentaly deleted some important Photos.
Can you get them back for me
A Yes we usually can, and we will do our best to get your photos back.
Triangle Logo Q Would it help to defragment my computer
A Do Not carry out a Defragmentation of the HDD
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Q I have a memory stick with photos can you get them back
A Yes we usually can and again we will do our best to get them back for you
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Q What Types of Hard Drives can you recover
A IDE, SCSI, SATA, All types of Memory cards and phone SIM cards.